The Encounter, New Life in Jesus Christ includes three
days of activities in beautiful Aspen, CO


Friday, May 17

3-6:00pm    Welcome & Registration

4:30pm        Holy Hour; Confession available

5:30pm        Daily Mass

6:15pm        The Treasure of the Catholic Church: The Apostolic Tradition, Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

The Catholic faith is rooted in the Scriptures and in the Apostolic Tradition that have been handed over to us, along with centuries of Christian history.  We can experience and love today a living Jesus as the Apostles and first Christians did more than 2000 years ago.

7:30pm       BBQ Dinner. It is almost summertime and our many Texans want to share their native food!

Saturday, May 18

7:00am        Holy Hour; Confession available

8:00am        Daily Mass

8:30am        Continental Breakfast

9:00am        The Expressions of the Catholic Tradition, Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

The prints that Catholic Tradition have left passing through the centuries, have filled the Catholic Church with faith, wisdom and beauty. Through them we can encounter the living God among us.

11:00am      Conferencia: La Belleza de Nuestra Fe Catolica, Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

The Hispanic community will gather to hear the Bishop’s talk in Spanish. All are welcome.

6:30pm        The Beauty of the living Tradition in the Eucharist, Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

Tradition is a living reality that displays all its beauty and depth especially in the Eucharistic celebration, where the living Jesus celebrates the divine liturgy on earth and gives Himself to the Church.

7:30pm        Mexican Fiesta

Our Hispanic Community is very excited and proud to have Bishop Rodriguez spend time at St. Mary’s. They want to show you and him the very best of their Mexican cuisine and culture.

Optional Saturday outdoor activities

Between 12:00 and 3:00pm

  • Walk around historic Aspen. The Aspen Historical Society will take you on a guided walking tour of historic buildings, including sites and stories around every corner in downtown Aspen.
  • Hike the Hunter Creek Trail. The very popular trail starts a short distance from downtown Aspen. The trail parallels Hunter Creek and has several bridges that cross scenic short hikes in the area. The rating is moderate.
  • Bike Rio Grande trail to Woody Creek Tavern. The trail starts with some scenic views of the Roaring Fork River and shady, forest areas. The best part of the ride is stopping for a drink or meal at the eclectic Woody Creek Tavern. Bike rental options are available.

Sunday, May 19

10:00am    Sunday Mass (Bishop Rodriguez, homilist)

11:15am    “Ask Bishop Rodriguez”

You can ask whatever you have always wanted to know about your Catholic Faith! Continental Breakfast with parishioners and guests.