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Regardless of your marital status (or if you have children or not), there will be something powerful in store for you at ‘Reaching our Kids’. The fact is that we all come from families and are created for community. Wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith, one thing is sure, you’re not alone. You will be amazed by who you will meet and what you will take away from this transformative weekend.

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It’s been said God doesn’t just care about your spiritual life, he cares about your whole life. One of the greatest challenges for any Christian is to apply what they know and believe into their day to day lives. We have such a beautiful and rich Tradition as Catholics but it’s easy for the simple, life-giving truths to get lost. Jeremy Rivera and John Leyendecker have a way of helping people connect the dots of truth and real life in a way that is honest, practical and attainable. If you’ve struggled or suffered at all in your life, you’re sure to be able to relate to what and how they communicate.

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Growth or change isn’t easy, but this is your opportunity! Join others who live in Aspen and meet visitors from across the nation as we say ‘yes’ to taking the next step forward to becoming the best version of ourselves in Christ. The intimate size of our events encourages the making of new friends who share your passion to grow. Scheduled Masses, Eucharistic Holy Hours, opportunities for Confession and one-on-one encounters with Aspen Catholic presenters provide encouragement and a new direction in your spiritual life. Allow the resources of Aspen Catholic to help you in your relationship with Jesus Christ!

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Your journey to one of the most spectacularly beautiful mountain locations in the United States will draw you deeper into the heart of the Beautiful One, Jesus Christ. This weekend will be an opportunity to step away from the business and regain perspective on what is most important in your life.

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