Director, Aspen Catholic

Judy Dunn

After living and working for many years in Michigan, in 2006 I sold my wine distribution company and started coming to Aspen for the wonderful skiing and the Blue Bird skies. Aspen old-timers have a great saying, “you come for the winter and stay for the summer.” In my case, our dear Lord had something else in mind, “I came for the winter and stayed for Saint Mary’s Catholic Church.”

The Catholic community in Aspen dates back to the Silver Rush days of 1882 and is enriched by wonderful parishioners ranging from fourth generation Aspenites to folks from all over the world with very different backgrounds and lifestyles but a strong commitment to our Catholic faith and sharing these riches with others.

I am delighted to be the Director of the Aspen Catholic; it is the first job in my life that chose me instead of me choosing it! I delighted that God is using me to help bring to Aspen the best of Catholic theologians and speakers, to encourage our locals and welcome people from across the country to grow in our faith and develop a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.