Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Today’s families are busier than ever! Juggling school and homework, meals and sports, home life and finances seems to become more challenging with each passing year. Is all this busyness leading you to a more fulfilling family life, to greater peace and happiness? Do meals together as a family and talks with your kids seem to be the things that get lost in the shuffle?

Whether you’re married with children, a single parent trying to wear too many hats, or you’re aspiring to family life, ‘Reaching our Kids’ is a weekend for you. Together we’ll explore ways to deepen your relationships with your children now and into the future and to give you the tools you need to root in their hearts a lasting love for God and his Church.

We will address head on some of the greatest challenges you face and will explore what God and the Church has to offer in the midst of it all.

Parish families of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond, I invite you to join us at Saint Mary’s this September 30-October 2nd for an inspiring three days as we look to Christ for strength, hope and practical help for the years ahead.


Fr. John Hilton